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Emmy is excedingly cool.


16 June 1981
So exciting.

89.3 the current, 91.1 know, angel, anna karenina, arrested development, baking, ballykissangel, because of winn-dixie, being me, biking, bill weasley, bitch magazine, black 47, books, boys, buffy the vampire slayer, bunnies, candy, carrots, catcher in the rye, catherine friend, catholicism, cats, chapstick, chocolate, chocolate milk, chow chows, chris farrell, cleanliness, cookies, coupling, craisins, crayons, ddt, diderot, dorothy parker, elmer l andersen, endometriosis, family guy, father ted, firefly, gear daddies, grace above all, gunther grass, harry potter, history, honey, ikea, india palace, ingebretsens, j. k. rowling, james herriot, jane resh thomas, jane st. anthony, jerry todd, jewel staite, john marsden, joy division, julia stiles, julie jentsch, kate dicamillo, kerri miller, kino, kitties, leo edwards, lermontov, lilies, little britain, lynne rossetto kasper, marjane satrapi, markers, mayakovsky, micawbers, midtown global market, minneapolis, miss manners, movies, my fuzzy korean blanket, my little pony, naomi gustafson steals $86, naral, neville/percy, new order, norway, oxbow hay, pat schmatz, patricia torres ray, powderhorn park, pre-raphaelite art, pulp, pushkin, rabbits, reading, red dwarf, roddy doyle, runes, russia, serenity, sergei esenin, seward co-op, sex, sheep, sirius black, sleep, socialism, sound money, soy drink, spike, stan rogers, sweden, system of a down, t. h. white, talk of the nation, ted rall, the simpsons, the splendid table, the tale of desperaux, the young ones, tiger rising, timothy hay, to the contrary, tri-color drinks, veronica mars, warmth, willow, witold rybczynski, wool, writing